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Casually Kickin' It

Dec 27, 2017

(SOILER ALERT) On this episode it's all about our review of Star Wars The Last Jedi!!!

Dec 21, 2017

It's our Christmas special!!!!!!!

Dec 19, 2017

(SPOILER ALERT) On this episode we discuss the new "Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom" trailer, "Birth of the Dragon" Bruce Lee movie, what fighting game replicated Bruce Lee best, and our comic battle Death Stroke VS Task Master!

Dec 13, 2017

On this episode we play a game on which actor played it better and it gets interesting!

Dec 7, 2017

(SPOILER ALERT) On this episode we discuss Disney back in talks about buying out Fox, our review of Netflix "Punisher", DC comics "Batman The White Knight", Burger Kings new mac n cheetos flaming hot, and Dragon Ball Z fighters!