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Casually Kickin' It

Apr 29, 2018

On this episode we recap and give our spoiler filled thoughts about Marvel's Avengers Infinity Wars movie!

Apr 23, 2018

On this episode Nate tell's us about his experience at Earth day Birthday 2018, WWE Sasha Banks rumor, PS4 new God Of War game, leaked info about Krypton, our speculation on Marvel's Infinity War, and much more!!

Apr 17, 2018

So on this episode we are discussing Netflix's new series "Lost In Space", Image comics "Oblivion Song", the new "God of War" videogame, Marvel Infinity War, 12 strong, The Godfather Corleone's Empire board game, and so much more!

Apr 12, 2018

On this episode we recap "Ready Player One", Burger Kings new sourdough line up, MLB The Show 18, "Jumanji 3 " has been given the green light, and so much more!

Apr 10, 2018

On this episode Matt "The Black Stack" joins the show as we discuss our thoughts and results of Wrestle Mania 34.