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Casually Kickin' It

Jun 26, 2018

On this episode:

- (Spoiler Alert) We give our thoughts and review of Jurassic World "Fallen Kingdom".

- Movie Pass news.

- Taco Bell new menu item "Steak Nachos Box".

- Our Tony Daniel signing experience at mike's comics.


Jun 22, 2018

On this episode we discuss:

-WWE Money in the Bank PPV. 

-we also share a couple more thoughts on E3.

-(spoiler alert ) Ed and Nate talk about the new movie "Tag".

- and that's it.......

Jun 12, 2018

On this episode:

- we are talking about some of the news from E3.

- giving our thoughts on the new "Halloween" trailer as well as the 2nd "Predator" trailer.

- WWE money in the bank PPV coming up.

- we tried Breyers new ice cream flavor half Oreo and half Chips Ahoy.

- and much more! 

Jun 6, 2018

On this episode:

- Nate fills in the big chair for Tom while he is out of action.

- Ed and Nate discuss The Amazing Spider-Man issue 800.

- rumors about Jared Leto to produce and star in "Joker" film.

- our thoughts on Jamie Foxx as "Spawn".

- could Dave Bautista play Marcus Fenix in a Gears of War film.

- survival...