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Casually Kickin' It

Mar 19, 2023

On this weeks episode Nate and Matt went to the movies to see Creed 3. Ed watched Chris Rock's live Netflix special and dives into the Chirs Rock VS Will Smith debacle. The fellas also ask the question "Is there an over saturation of Marvel content"? This and much more!

Feb 15, 2023

On this weeks episode the fellas talk about MegaCon and all the celebrites being announced for the convention. The fellas aslo discuss the "Grammy's", and with Billboard crowning Jay-z the greatest rapper of all time the fellas debate if he should or shouldn't be.

Jan 31, 2023

On this weeks episode the Ed talks about killer fungi on the HBO max hit show "Last of Us". Tom talks about Mr. Sly the crazy ending to the show "Tulsa King". The fellas alos discuss Universal Studios and the closing of kids zone, as well as what has happed to dark rides at theme parks.

Dec 6, 2022

On this weeks episode the fellas are all in the building. They share how their Thanksginving day went. Nate and Matt give their thoughts and review of Black Panther "Wakanda Forever". The fellas also run through what they have been watching as of late including the new series on Netflix "Wednesday". Matt discusses new...

Oct 2, 2022

On this weeks episode Matt stops by to join the fellas and shares what he has been up too with his new twitch channel. The fellas also take about what they have watching as of late and much more!