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Casually Kickin' It

Jun 4, 2023

On this weeks episode Tom is back from his famliy vacation to beautiful Punta Cana. He shares with us his experience while away. Nate shares his thoughts on "Gaurdians of the Galaxy vol3". Ed talks about celebrateing his birthday at Disney's Hollywood Studios for Star Wars day, plus much more! 

May 5, 2023

On this weeks episode Ed gives a recap of his time at MegaCon Olrando 2023, and much more!

Apr 2, 2023

On this weeks episode the fellas going in deep on John Wick chapter 4 with heavy spoilers! They also talk about some other films they have seen as of late, and Matt decompress and gets somethings off his chest. 

Mar 19, 2023

On this weeks episode Nate and Matt went to the movies to see Creed 3. Ed watched Chris Rock's live Netflix special and dives into the Chirs Rock VS Will Smith debacle. The fellas also ask the question "Is there an over saturation of Marvel content"? This and much more!

Feb 15, 2023

On this weeks episode the fellas talk about MegaCon and all the celebrites being announced for the convention. The fellas aslo discuss the "Grammy's", and with Billboard crowning Jay-z the greatest rapper of all time the fellas debate if he should or shouldn't be.